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SBC is a free web mailing platform. HBC along with some other companies is providing one of the simplest mail services around the world. In 2005 SBC GLOBAL changed to only SBC which stands for Southwestern Bell Company. While so many people are using this service it is possible to encounter some issues which hinder the mail operation of a user. Then people often feel annoyed but that annoyance can be avoided completely If the user knows that there are some alternate ways to resolve their problems apart from the normal support provided by the SBC GLOBAL SUPPORT.


As it is our policy that only registered users can get the free mailing service. Anyone can get this amazing web service by just registering for free on SBC GLOBAL . Then the user will be provided with an AT&T registration ID.

Steps to Create SBC Global Mail Account:

·         Open any browser available on your device.
·         Search for
·         After login page has been appeared click on Sign up now button (top right corner of the page)
·         Fill your information on the page so appeared.
·         Enter the AT&T account ID and password (contact SBC GLOBAL support in case you don’t have the AT&T account ID and Password.)
·         Answer the questions which are basically related to security and then click on the
continue button.
·         Then you’ll receive a confirmation message and after getting that message click on submit button.

Troubles encountered while using this service:

After people start using this web service they may find many issues and some of the most common issues encountered are as below:
·         Not recovering the lost email passwords.
·         Error while sending/receiving mails.
·         Some issues related to login.
·         Problems in synchronizing SBC mail services with another mail service.
·         Undesired email not getting blocked.
·         Unable to fix phising mails.
But there is noting to worry as all these issues can be resolved using the SBC GLOBAL 

TECHNICAL SUPPPORT. Users are ensures best possible solution to their problems but the time may be a little bit uncertain as per the users’ perspective. You can get all possible support by following these links.




Some Significant Things to Mind about the SBC GLOBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT:

It gives to users solutions to their issues instantly. Anyone can get 24X7 support from it using Amazon Customer Service. Users can stay connected to experts using emails and phones.  It also provides simplest solutions that can be implemented easily. It can resolve login issues quite instantly.


So, you saw the benefits of using services of SBC GLOBAL MAIL SERVICES. Even after the availability of so many options to resolve your issues if any user feels any problem which he thinks is not taken care of then please feel free to contact the experts directly via SBC GLOBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

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